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Air Handling Unit

E-gen integral Air Handling Unit

E-gen All-in-one Air Conditioner is an air-conditioning system that integrates all functions such as electricity, piping, and automatic control required for air.
All solutions that can prevent fires, accidents, etc. and optimize the environment are provided in one single unit with minimal on-site construction.

Very advantageous for the construction of Air Handling Unit for high-rise buildings

Safety management and Liberation from the risk of defects by reducing on-site construction
(Factory manufactured and installed on site)

E-gen integral air Handling unit features
Reduce footprint - Space savings of 20% or more compared to existing equipment
- Reduce building owner construction costs by 20%
- 20% reduction in construction costs for construction companies
Reduced Installation Process - Reduced the facility construction schedule by more than 30%
Provision of One-Stop Service - All features are integrated for ease of management