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New Renewable energy

Geothermal system

type of geothermal power technology(for heating and cooling) using constant temperature of groudwater by heat pump.

Geothermal system features
Vertical closed loop type StandingColumnWell type
- Installation cases - Small footprint, short construction period
- Simple System - High heat pump efficiency due to direct use of groundwater
- Nothing is installed on the ground - The downtown area is appropriate.
- be suitable for cases with a large area - Systems that resolve existing issues
- Reduce system efficiency. - EGENEngineering's patented technology enables stable operation
Comparative data for each type of underground heat exchanger (Cooling capacity: based on 300 USRt)
Sortation Vertical closed loop type StandingColumnWell type SEN StandingColumnWell type(SEN SCW)
Hole collapse Degradation due to hole collapse Use perforated pipe protector to prevent rock collapse and Stable circulation of groundwater
Maintenance Maintenance required for underwater pumps Supply pipes and recovery pipes of pvc material Periodic maintenance through flushing operations No deviations by changing the supply pipe and recovery pipe from PVC to HDPE
Efficiency standard 105% ~ 110%
features Improvement of system COP by installing an air & dust separator instead of a heat exchanger to remove foreign substances from pipes EGEN’s SCW type capacity rises when the same area
Capacity 2.5 USRt/hole ( Based on 150m) 25 USRt/hole 25 USRt/hole
Heatpump COP Cooling : EWT 30 ℃
Heating : Based on 45℃
Cooling : EWT 25℃ , 5.1~5,0 (Based on 7℃)
Heating : EWT 10℃ , 3.8~4.4 Based on 50℃
Cooling : EWT 25℃ , 5.5~6.3 (Based on 7℃)
Heating : EWT 10℃ , 4.6 Based on 50℃
Costs 759,000,000원 670,000,000원 590,000,000원
Pump Consumption Power 45kW (Geothermal circulation pump) 66.4kW (Geothermal circulation pump and Circulation pump of groundwater) 37kW (Circulation pump of groundwater)
Expenses (KRW/USRt) 94원 / USRt 88원 / USRt 79원 / USRt